At certain times of the year an extra seasonal carousel of images will be displayed on the homepage just under the Curator’s favourites. Listed below are the dates (or approximate timeframes) of these holidays and celebrations, as well as a few more that will eventually be observed.

Nude Beach Day – January 22nd
Get yourself down to a designated nudist beach and enjoy the rays and waves on your naked skin. Just don’t forget the sun cream. Or if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, your scarf and hat.

Valentines Day – February 14th
A day to spoil your loved one. Flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinner. Go on, find your romantic side and let it shine.

Easter – Mid-March – Mid-April
If you celebrate by attending mass and giving praise to god and Jesus, then awesome. Otherwise, enjoy the spring time, the blossoming of the trees and flowers. And chocolate.

Femboy Day – April 10th
Yes, there is a Femboy day. So go on, embrace your feminine side. Slip on a thong, pull up the thigh highs and crack open a can of energy drink.

Earth Day – April 22nd
A day to appreciate our planet, our home. Give respect to this ball of rock, be nice and enjoy what it has to offer. Get outside and marvel at its beauty.

Masturbation Day – May 28th
Self-love is encouraged here at Cheeky Boners, so make sure you find some time on this day to lock the door, slip a hand down your pants and give your cock a little treat.

Selfie Day – June 22nd
Make yourself feel good, tussle your hair just right, position the mirror perfectly and take a photo of yourself. If your pants fall down, who cares.

Thong Day – July 5th
If Joey Tribiani can give appreciation to the thong on Thanksgiving, I think we can manage to wear one on Thong Day.

Kissing Day – July 6th
Go on, give a close friend a quick peck on the check, or an even closer friend and slip of the tongue.

Orgasm Day – July 31st
Go on, enjoy an orgasm. Whether you make time with your partner or have some alone time, just make sure you cum.

Underwear Day – August 5th
Celebrate your underwear, it keeps you supported, snuggly and safe. And if you chose the right pair, it can keep you looking sexy as well.

Cheeky Boners’ Birthday – September 24th
It’s Cheeky Boners’ birthday today. Party hats on and pants pulled down, as we like to say here.

Ass Day – October 20th
A day to celebrate the ass. Little and pert or big and bouncy, they are all beautiful.

Halloween – October 31st
If ever there was a day to get away with dressing as a slutty nurse or just cross dressing, today is that day.

Bonfire Night – November 5th
In the UK, we weirdly celebrate a man who tried to overthrow the government with violence. I wouldn’t encourage that behaviour, but oooh pretty fireworks and toasting marshmallows on the fire.

Christmas – December 25th
The tree has too many baubles, the table has too much food. But it’s a day where you can spoil yourself and others.

New Years – December 31st
The calendar’s reset day. A chance to reflect and to look forward. Also an opportunity to let your hair down and have a party.

Some dates, days and celebrations to be added to the site.

Steak & Blowjob Day – March 14th

Cross Dressing Day – March 31st

World Naked Gardening Day – First Saturday In May

Send A Nude Day – May 19th

World Naturist Day – First Sunday of June

Pride Month – June

Surfing Day – Third Saturday of June

National Skinny Dipping Day (US) – Second Saturday of July

National Skinny Dipping Day (UK) – August 13th

National Food Day (US) – October 16th

Header Image: Twelve Nude Guys Enjoying A Pool Party

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