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Cheeky Boners was registered on Friday 24th September, 2021, and the first images started to go up the following day.

Cheeky Boners Screenshot
Cheeky Boners Homepage

By early December, the site had over 1,000 images posted and traffic started to arrive. And by late December the number of posts had doubled to 2,000.

April 2022 saw 3,000 posted images achieved and the addition of the Jargon section. By mid-May the total images exceeded 4,000 and GIFs were added.

Cheeky Boners Formats Page
Cheeky Boners Formats Page

The end of June saw total images published come in close to 5,000. The videos category was added to act, at least to begin with, as a way of the Curator bookmarking his favourite fapping material in one place.

On 25th September 2022, Cheeky Boners reached the end of its first year. A total of 5,781 images/videos had been posted in those initial twelve months.

2023 started well for Cheeky Boners, with a good archive already established the traffic continued to grow. On 28th January a separate Twitter feed was created to showcase the site and minimise cocks on the regular Cheeky Photos feed. While stunning photography of a nude male fits with the site, the Twitter followers didn’t always appreciate the boners and balls.

The Twitter feed lasted about two weeks before the avian algorithms decided to put a stop to it. Your curator has appealed, and while an answer (or even a reason) is yet to be forthcoming, already it has been decided that it likely won’t be resurrected.

Late January saw record traffic arrive at Cheeky Boners and while the Curator had always been worried about the viability of the site, as the new year unfolded, fears were laid to rest. Cheeky Boners is already successful, it will be as successful as Cheeky Photos, and the Curator looks forward to reporting a ‘mega year’ in twelve months’ time.

Header Image: A Wonderfully Perpendicular Boner

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