Penis noun The male genital organ of higher vertebrates, carrying the duct for the transfer of sperm during copulation. In humans and most other mammals it consists largely of erectile tissue and is used also for urination.


Throughout the centuries there have been probably thousands of synonyms for the humble penis, and as language evolves the relentless addition of more is unlikely to abate.

On Cheeky Boners, we use a few of the more common ones, listed below.

Dick – Multiple meanings and contexts. It was in the late 19th Century that the word came to be vulgar slang for penis.

Cock – Actually meaning a male bird, cock evolved to cocky, used to define aggressive people due to the similarity with fighting birds. Perhaps due to a bird’s posture, cock was applied to things that sick upright, or sprout. Furthermore, it has been suggested the curvature of some bird’s necks, and perhaps it’s feathers have helped with the word being associated with the penis, the curvature of an erection with pubic hair at the base of the shaft.

Erection – Not a slang word, erection means to have firm form; to be rigid. During sexual arousal, the penis becomes enlarged and engorged, firm and rigid.

Boner – Slang for erection, it also means to make a silly mistake, or used to describe the person who made the mistake. Perhaps from the fact that skeletal bones are hard.

Semi – Meaning conspicuous but not blatent, sort of in between; moderate. Semi has come to be known for the state of the penis between flaccid and erect.

Hard-On – Another slang word for erection, describing the hardening of the penis.

Other Synonyms

Wang, shlong, johnson, stiffy, love rod, cum pipe, woody, sausage, knob, willy, dinky, dong, pecker, sperm worm, tackle, wiener, member, love sword, scrotum totem, cum gun, custard cannon…


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