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Cheeky Boners was registered on Friday 24th September, 2021, and the first images started to go up the following day.

Cheeky Boners Screenshot
Cheeky Boners Homepage

By early December, the site had over 1,000 images posted and traffic started to arrive. And by late December the number of posts had doubled to 2,000.

April 2022 saw 3,000 posted images achieved and the addition of the Jargon section. By mid-May the total images exceeded 4,000 and GIFs were added.

Cheeky Boners Formats Page
Cheeky Boners Formats Page

The end of June saw total images published come in close to 5,000. The videos category was added to act, at least to begin with, as a way of the Curator bookmarking his favourite fapping material in one place.

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